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Data Analytics

Data is the new oil” is a phrase that is often used, but truly speaking data is much more valuable than oil. Data is an asset that can be harnessed by companies to derive value to drive business insights, process improvement and innovation. Most businesses in today’s world thrive on deriving information from data. Analytics is not an afterthought anymore, it is the center of the Universe. We at ACG understand this and approach as a critical component of stability, growth and market penetration.

Our capabilities include

  • Strategy & Roadmap – Creating a data driven organization is not an easy task, but a methodical approach can help. Combining the various processes of Data Collection, Analytics and Data Science, we help build the path for execution.
  • Modernize Data Platforms – Many of the companies today have embarked on Modernizing their data platforms mostly in the Cloud environment. Being nimble and agile are the key goals for companies. We have expertise in this area and have helped companies move in this direction.
  • Enterprise Data Warehouse , Data Lake and Data Hub – All three are essential to a company’s success. We at ACG understand this all too well. Data Hub serves the operational application needs. Data Lake is where all the creative elements come together. Packaged data is ready to be consumed and converted to decisions in the Data warehouse.
  • Reporting and Visualization – Reporting and Visualization covers a broad range of analysis capability, including: C Suite briefing books and dashboards; parameter-driven reports; ad-hoc pivot analytics; advanced visualization; predictive analytics and forecasting; complex event notification; statistical analysis and data mining.
  • Data Governance – Managing the availability, usability, integrity and security of data in Enterprise Systems based on policies, data standards and breaking down silos. Collaborating with the business to drive the process gives tangible results in a reasonable time paving the path for the rest of the enterprise to follow.