Application Development

There are many pre-packaged software products available in the market. Due to the unique nature of business processes and clients’ organizational requirements, these pre-packaged products may not suffice. This is where ACG can efficiently develop and customize a solution to satisfy our clients’ organizational needs.

One of the concerns with the custom application development is that the technology stack may become obsolete quickly and is not flexible enough to the changes in the business processes in the marketplace. ACG, with its in-depth knowledge of the available technology stacks in the market place, will be able to help you accurately identify which technology stack works best based on your unique requirements.

ACG approaches each client requirement in a holistic fashion. We first try to gain a deeper understanding of our clients’ business realm, process, technological approach, etc., and optimize this with our custom application support. This in turn enables your business to achieve immediate success in each market. ACG furthermore has good knowledge of the industry best practices.


  • With our global delivery model, we are able to work 24/7 with you to get the product development completed quickly and accurately.
  • A mature reference architecture foundation that is scalable and flexible to meet the changing needs.