Helpdesk Management

Helpdesk Management offered by ACG can improve operational efficiency and minimize costs, no matter the size of your organization. Helpdesk maximizes return on organizational investment in technology systems and services by being effective, relevant, and accessible. As such, every internal/external help desk has an affirmative obligation to quality, and to market its services to the end-user community.


  • When a client has an issue that needs to be addressed, they have a common point-of-call that they can contact - the helpdesk.
  • Clients know that their issue is being correctly logged, assigned and worked on within a specialized computerized system, instead of being lost in paper work, or verbally "handed" around the office.
  • The client gets the benefit of staying in the communication loop via the power and ease of automated email correspondence that a helpdesk system can provide. Their call history is logged for future reference so that trends and trouble areas can be quickly identified and addressed.

ACG can help your organization to build customized or integrated help desk form the scratch or transform a existing help desk to a new generation  to achieve higher operational efficiency.