Press Release

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September 2009 - Acg Is Getting Into An Over Drive Mode

ACG is getting into an over drive mode – ACG has been able to meet the performance targets for the last quarter and is all set to exceed the performance goals for the current fiscal year. We are able to grow rapidly and meet the expectations of our clients and employees. These results in view of the unprecedented economic downturn show the depth of the current management team in growing the business.

With these results, the targets for the next year have been raised. To effectively manage the raised targets, we will be currently hiring top talent across the US markets to give a push towards the sales efforts. The new teams will be strategically located near the target client places to take advantage of the geographic location in being able to deliver quality service at a lower cost.

June 2009 – Encouraging Results

Tough Economy – The economic downturn is still a huge challenge. With the economy in a downturn, our clients are having a tough time hiring and keep the consultants. The overall credit periods have increased which is increasing the ARs. The management team is mitigating my effectively cutting cost of operations and proactively working with our clients in getting.

Although this is a concern, the management team is able to effectively work in mitigating this risk to the business by being proactive and working will all the parties involved and the bank to have sufficient working capital. We continue to grow during this quarter and are able to meet the performance targets for this quarter.

March 2009 – Tough Economy

Tough Economy – With the significant downturn in the economy, we are noticing that there is significant pricing pressure both for our existing contracts and our new contracts. ACG has put a plan in to motion to effectively reduce the operating costs and keep them in line with the reduced margins.

However we are still able to get new contracts in place and are on target to meet the revenue forecast for this quarter.