FLEX Global Delivery Model

At ACG we follow the FLEX Global Delivery Model, which has helped us in delivering our products and services on time, within budget, with outstanding quality, and meeting and/or exceeding client expectations. This process helps ACG select an optimal delivery solution, best suited to our client’s requirements.

The FLEX Global Delivery Model helps ACG segment requirements into logical components, and further distributing these components geo-locationally to maximize their value.  This is a major benefit in terms of productivity, such as in case of a natural disaster or emergency, since having geographical distribution capabilities enables the work to be transferred seamlessly to unaffected sites. This innovative model offered at ACG, helps serve the competitive challenges and unique opportunities that our clients face.


  • Improving Speed to Market
  • Accelerating the solutions-building timeframe
  • Mitigating risks and ensuring higher returns
  • Establishing governance processes to focus IT on the right set of initiatives
  • Evaluating the cost of performance levels and identifying trade-offs that reduce cost without impacting business
  • Re-engineering delivery processes to eliminate non-value-added work

Our Global Delivery Model Encompasses:

Dedicated Onsite Delivery Model
ACG believes that IT outsourcing is not just about cost saving, but it is also the process that keeps a business competitive by having secure and stable IT infrastructure. At ACG we value data security of our clients’ business and support secure applications by working onsite with them.

Dedicated Offshore Delivery Model
ACG’s dedicated offshore team provides clients access to our offshore resources to meet their demanding and unique offshore needs. ACG’s offshore model provides our clients with an optimal combination of people, process, and technology. Our professionals follow industry standard and practices, to deliver solutions and services quickly and reliably.

Dedicated Onsite Offshore/ Hybrid Model
ACG believes that the key to our clients’ success is providing IT solutions lies in speed, quality and minimized cost of delivery. This model provides the best of both worlds in attaining our client requirements. In a typical Hybrid model the project is executed in ratio of 70:30 or 80:20 basis.

Pay Per Use Model
Reduction of operating costs has always been one of the challenges faced by our clients. Keeping this is in mind, ACG offers its clients this model, where the client only pays per issue/ticket and reduces their cost by not having the need to pay any longer for standby IT resources. This in turn has reduced client cost by 50% or more.

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